Resident Update

With a third and final round of COVID-19 vaccines scheduled for March 31 for any resident and staff member who hasn’t already received a second dose of the Moderna vaccine, we’re pleased to announce that we’re COVID-19 free! We’re proud to announce that thanks to the diligent work and efforts of residents and staff, we have been free from active cases of COVID-19 for several weeks.

COVID-19 News

Last week we had our second round of Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations. I’m happy to report that the majority of our residents and many of our employees have elected to get the vaccine. By the time everyone has the opportunity to get the vaccine, after our third round scheduled for  March 31, over 90% of our residents will have received it either here at Las Fuentes or through an outside provider. We are committed to continue to safely reopen all of our dining options, transportation schedules, and activities as the vaccines are completed and conditions permit.

Activities & Vaccine News

Yesterday Las Fuentes Resort Village completed the first round of COVID-19 Moderna vaccines in partnership with CVS pharmacy. Almost all of our residents and staff were vaccinated. It was a day of celebration and happiness! We believe our mission is to provide life changing service. That’s the goal and guiding principle in everything we do.